Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Star Wars Episode III That Could Have Been

I've been toying with this idea for a while. I don't know if I'll ever actually do any more with it, but I wanted to at least post the outline that I came up with. In the interest of full disclosure, the initial idea actually came from my brother, and the outline is based on the Feminine Hero's Journey (the same as The Wizard of Oz, Titanic, and The Matrix). I actually thought that Star Wars: Episode III was pretty good, but it could have been a lot better. So here's my take on it.

Star Wars Episode III Rewrite

Act 1
Stage 1: The Illusion Of A Perfect World
Anakin is fighting in the Clone Wars. He is hiding his marriage to Padme. Palpatine declares himself Emperor.

Stage 2: The Betrayal or Realization
Obi-Wan discovers that Padme is pregnant, and reluctantly decides to tell the council. Padme is taken away, and Anakin is told that the child will learn the ways of the force in anonymity. Palpatine offers an alternative through the Dark Side, and Anakin realizes that he is Darth Sidius.

Stage 3: The Awakening - Preparing for the Journey
Anakin dreams of his mother's death, and sees a vision of Padme dying. He decides that he can not lose Padme. The council sends Obi-Wan after General Grevious to keep him away from Anakin. After being rejected again by the council, Anakin accepts Palpatine's help, who renames him Darth Vader.

Act 2
Stage 4: The Descent - Passing the Gates of Judgment
Vader storms the Jedi Temple to find Padme. Palpatine has convinced him that all Jedi must die, and executes the order for the clone troopers to destroy the Jedi as well. Yoda escapes death and then sends Obi-Wan away with Padme. Vader returns to Palpatine as Mace Windu comes to arrest him. Vader kills Mace Windu. Palpatine tells Vader where Padme is.

Stage 5: The Eye of the Storm
Vader finds Padme, who says she barely recognizes him. He promises to change for her.

Stage 6: All Is Lost
Yoda faces Palpatine and loses. Obi-Wan comes to stop Vader. Vader blames Obi-Wan for everything, and they start fighting. Padme is hurt in the crossfire. Vader loses, but Obi-Wan is unable to kill him.

Act 3
Stage 7: Support
Palpatine rescues Vader. Padme is taken to a hospital.

Stage 8: Rebirth - The Moment of Truth

Vader's cybernetics are attached. Padme gives birth to twins.

Stage 9: Full Circle - Return to a Perfect World.
Vader begins his reign with Emporer Palpatine, and hunts the Jedi. Padme lives on Alderaan with Leia. Yoda retreats to Dagobah. Obi-Wan takes Luke to Tattooine.

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