Wednesday, September 17, 2008

But I thought Video Games were the Root of All Evil

Today the internet seems to be all over this report about how video games are actually good for kids. There are two things I find interesting about this.

The first is that it says it's the "first national survey of its kind." How have we been arguing about this for so long and never done an actual study? We've been playing video games for decades now, and we've been listening to people tell us they're awful the whole time. Somehow we're just now getting around to doing something about it.

The second thing I find interesting about the report is the list of things that are supposedly good about games. Some of them seem a bit far fetched, like "civic learning opportunities." You know what's good about games? They're fun. Period. People, especially kids, need to play. They need to escape from reality for a while. That's not to say that learning games don't have their place, but we don't need to justify why we play games.

It is good to see a bit more acceptance of games. We're going through the same growing pains that most other entertainment forms went through. It'll pass, if only because the gamers get older and start running things.

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