Thursday, September 18, 2008

Spore and the DRM Fiasco

I'm sure anyone reading this has heard about the horrible reviews that people have left for Spore, and everyone seems to have already put their thoughts in, but there were a few things that I wanted to mention.

First is that this is nothing new. DRM has been a pain in the neck from the beginning. Steam does similar things. My copy of Portal is now tied to my Steam account, which makes it a bit difficult for me to give the game to someone else. I also know a few people who have switched from Windows to Linux just because of Microsoft's ridiculous DRM. And yet somehow it became cool to complain about Spore's DRM. I wish people had started complaining earlier.

The other thing I noticed is how long it took EA to respond. It seems to me that if your customers are mad at you, you should try do something about it. The message they're sending is that their priority is to keep people from playing the game. I doubt that's the mesage they wanted to send, but that's what people heard. In any case, this is not going to be an easy thing for them to fix.

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