Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ideas That Have Already Been Done

I was going through a list of ideas that I had been keeping, and noticing some of them had already been done. One of them was No HUD. The first place I saw this was on an indie game called Dead Wake. But then I remembered that there was no HUD for the first part of Half Life. It only appeared after the main character got his power suit (or whatever it was called).

The screen shot above is from Unreal Tournament 3 (It's actually from a mod I found), which has a fairly clean HUD, but I still find it distracting. It just screams "I'm playing a game." In the real world, we don't have a percentage on our health. We have three major indicators. The first is pain. I'm not sure that there's a better way to indicate this than numbers, but we haven't even tried to find anything. The second indicator is our appearance. You would think that with today's technology characters could actually bleed when you shoot them, rather than just spraying blood momentarily. The third indicator is the effect an injury has on our body. It has always amazed me that I can still run just as fast with 1% health as I can with 100%. In the real world if I had injuries over 99% of my body, I'd be lying on the ground slowly bleeding to death, not running to the next room for a health pack.

Anyway, that's one idea that I'm starting to see a few other people have.

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